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Hua Shuchen
Painting is a personalized and private expression for Hua Shuchen, and it is a special emotional dialogue with the surrounding scenery. The artist attaches great importance to random pictures, forming specific fields at a specific time. People or things that randomly break into the picture are the most affectionate. What she hopes to express in the picture is not a straightforward event, but a multidimensional feeling and atmosphere. In the induction and collation of geometric shapes, the passage of time is recorded with brush strokes to make the originally busy form image stand out, and the dullness and clumsiness of the appearance also make the work more readable.

Selected Exhibitions / Art Fairs:

"Reflection", Object Momento, Shanghai/China, 2023

West Bund Art & Design, Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2022

Hi21 Young Art Fair, hiart space, Beijing/China, 2022

"Between Emotion and Sanity", Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2022

ArtLaozi Young Artists Exhibition, 2020

Art Testimonials, The 2nd Contemporary Art Exhibition, 2020

Publish academic paper on Art Panorama, 2019

Project in Vincezo Ventimiglia, Academy of Fine arts of Florence, 2018

Mural Project 'SUN', Shanxi/China, 2018

Project with Mincheva, Professor in Bulgaria, 2018

Project hold by China Academy of Art, Shandong/China, 2017

"Five Water Treatment", CAA Art Museum, Hangzhou/China, 2017

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