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Gao Ge was born in 1984, works and lives in Beijing. She is adept at drawing common objects in daily life, observing the shapes, refining, simplifying and giving them the texture of other different things, achieving a more tense space, more fancy and bright colors, free and unique characters, an absurd and innocent atmosphere. Her paintings are full of power and always convey emotions at the first sight.

Born in London (1993), Grace Tobin grew up in New York City before earning her BA in Visual Arts with Honors in 2016 from Oberlin College. Although primarily working with paint, Grace also experiments with printmaking and mixed media. She has exhibited work in both the US and the UK. Grace is currently completing her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London. Grace’s practice investigates our relationships to the environments we inhabit and how this impacts our sense of self and identity. She regards her practice as a documentation of personal narrative, where she speaks to the varying values of experiences, people, places, and things that help inform and reform her identity.

格蕾丝·托宾(Grace Tobin),逗留,布面油画,120 x 90cm,2021,©艺术家格蕾丝·托宾.jpg

Chinese artist (b. 1998) who studied at the China Academy of Art in the Department of Mural Painting for her undergraduate and graduate degree. Her artistic practice delves into and interprets the process of combining traditional Western mural materials (Tempera, wet fresco, mosaic) oil painting language with contemporary mixed media. The randomness of her artworks reveals a sense of alienation and narrative that has been passed down through millennia of history.

Jia Xibei was born in 2000 in Odessa, Ukraine. She currently studies in the Royal College of Art and major in painting. Her main focuses are film directing and fine art. Sonia's work studies and discusses many fields including Bataille's philosophy, Hedonism, Feminism, LGBTQ, Psychology, sociology and so on.


Born in 1991 in Chongqing, China, 
Li Xia now lives and works in Rouen and Paris, France. Said by the artist, "Dreams I have in my extremely bad state are often stunningly beautiful, the kind that takes a long time to pull out of the beauty after I wake up. This is supposed to be my subconscious mind repairing itself." Li Xia hopes to transform one's subjective memory into an objective experience, allowing the painting itself to reveal the objective world.

Born in 1980s, Lilyjon is an artist coming from China. In the past ten years, the artist takes painting as a main carrier of his artistic creations, combining secret original texts (include poems, novels, dramas, fables, etc.), involving images, sounds, installations and other media. His paintings are created with an original technique, which is extremely time-consuming.


Zinan Lam was born in Teochew in 1983 and now living in Shanghai, he studied traditional Chinese ink painting from an early age. He started the art practice after encountering with graffiti when he was young. His works revolve around nature, mythology, oriental culture and contemporary aesthetics, with superb techniques and contagious pictures.

Born in 1983, she is now working and living in Jinan. Liu Ting paints her inner feelings with Chinese ink. The figurative characters are the reflection of abstract emotions. The artist's unique images depict the dilemmas and confrontations faced by girls in different situations such as love, marriage, workplace and family, she attempts to find a new way out for them, and for herself.


Chinese artist (b. 1996) who studied at the China Academy of Art in the Department of Mural Painting for his undergraduate and graduate degree. His work "Fingertip" was collected by CAA Art Museum.

Born in 2000 in Shanghai, Ni Hao is currently a postgraduate student at East China Normal University. Personal narratives and social facts are not separate realms; rather, practices based on the artist's personal experience are often closely linked to larger public events. Through his thematic works, the artist hopes to lead the viewer to re-examine their own current situation. His works have also been widely featured in magazines such as Architectural Digest and FIGARO.


Xie Xuanxuan (b. 1992), who gains a master's degree of China Academy of Art, is now living and working in Hangzhou. The artist's works are mostly related to activated childhood memories, such as folk games, Greek myths and fairy tales. The mixed elements wittily depict everyday wonders and ask questions about the rawness of things. Xie Xuanxuan tries to construct a fantasy world that is warm, romantic and full of childishness. 

Yan Bingqing was born in Shanghai in 1983 and graduated from the oil painting department of China Academy of Art with a master’s degree in 2009. He specializes in painting with Tempera on board, striking a unique balance between the control of traditional techniques and free humor of the image scene. He also dabbles extensively in a variety of mediums such as ink, watercolour and clay sculpture, forming a unique artistic style in the diversity of art forms he creates. His works have been exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and have been permanently collected by the China Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, etc.


Yang Wan (b. 1992) received BFA from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and received a Master of Fine Arts from Massachusettes College of Art and Design. She believes art has the potential to shape the future. Her work entitled OUTCAST belongs to the permanent collection of CAFA Art Museum; the painting SUMMER WHISPER was collected by Copelouzos Family Art Museum in Athens, Greece. She also works closely with renowned companies such as the Four Seasons and THE MIRA in San Francisco.

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