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Xie Xuanxuan
Xie Xuanxuan's creations are an exploration and imagination of ways of seeing. The world from a child's perspective is often fancy and wonderful, the artist uses this unique way of seeing to present an imaginary space that is like a dream.  Fragmented images reveal the collision between the real and the illusory objectives in the long history of mankind, and the warmth of memory seems to be palpable; it gives an oriental surrealistic style to her artworks. 

Selected Exhibitions / Art Fairs:

West Bund Art & Design, Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2022

"A Marvellous Memory", Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum, Shanghai/China, 2022

Solo exhibition "Bathed in the sun", Inna Art Space, Hangzhou/China, 2022

JINGART, East Gallery, Beijing/China, 2022

"Pigeon Superstition", O2ART, Beijing/China, 2022

HOWstore Auction, Xie Xuanxuan & Zhang Kexue, HOW ART MUSEUM online, 2022

"THE INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ART FAIR", Zhejiang Museum, Hangzhou/China, 2021

"QIU SHI", KWM Art Center, Beijing/China, 2021

Solo exhibition "An Apple from Heavens", East Gallery, Nanjing/China, 2021

Gao Ge & Xie Xuanxuan duo exhibition "Room", Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2021

Hangzhou Art Fair, Payne Y.Loh Art Space, Hangzhou/China, 2021

Solo exhibition "Wonderland", HE·SHE, Hangzhou/China, 2021

Group exhibition in SHUI ON LAND Gallery in West Lake, Hangzhou/China, 2021

"HARMO POWER, JINAN INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE", Shandong Art Museum, Jinan Art Museum, Jinan/China, 2020

Group exhibition "Hangzhou Urban Art Exhibition", Bo Space, Hangzhou/China, 2020

Graduation Exhibition of China Academy of Art, CAA Art Museum, Hangzhou/China, 2020

Group exhibition “None Exhibition”, HIMALAYAS MUSEUM, Shanghai/China, 2018


Group exhibition "Five Water Treatment", CAA Art Museum, Hangzhou/China, 2017

Group exhibition in Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg, Hamburg/Germany, 2017

Group exhibition of 10th anniversary series of Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing/China, 2016

"Chinese painting: souls of heaven and earth. Continuing the tradition", CAA Art Museum, Hangzhou/China, 2016

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