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Zheng​ Lanxiong
Zheng Lanxiong takes the emotional connection between the individual and the image when viewing as the entry point of his creation, emphasising on the expression of personal life experiences, emotions and memories in the picture. Starting from people or things in daily life, he intercepts the fragmented parts through his personalised perspective, trying to grasp a certain subtle atmosphere, state and mood in the process of covering and recreating the paintings of Tempera.

Selected Exhibitions / Art Fairs:

West Bund Art & Design, Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2023

"NEW!", NART MUSEUM, Ningbo/China, 2023
Artwork "Fingertip", collected by CAA Art Museum, 2023

Mural Project, Shanxi/China, 2018
"Five Water Treatment", CAA Art Museum, Hangzhou/China, 2017

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