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Yan Bingqing
Yan Bingqing is not an artist who likes to be into the limelight; he is suited to blend in with the crowd, following skillfully like a detective in crowded streets and alleys, or hiding in cheap hotels, peeking through the corner of curtains and peering through binoculars, and objects he follows or peers at are everything that could be pieced together into art —— absurd world situations, extraordinary moments, awkward poses, allusions in the art history, and fantastic thoughts in his mind. With a playful curiosity and enthusiasm, he turns the world into a game, allowing the viewer to plunge from surface to the inside, fall into the labyrinth of the ancient times and the modern society, the illusory and the real, and to go for the mystery that is either light or heavy.

Selected Exhibitions / Art Fairs

Westbund Art & Design, Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2022

“The Rise of New Painting Artists List of the 80s”, Line Gallery, Beijing/China, 2022

“BACK TO THE BEGINNING—— CHINESE NEW PAINTING SINCE 1999”, hiart space, Shenzhen/China, 2022

Solo exhibition “The Mystery of Enamoured”, ZHEJIANG ART MUSEUM, Hangzhou/China, 2021

Art021, Line Gallery, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai/China, 2021

Solo exhibition “Monodrama”, Line Gallery, Beijing/China, 2020

Solo exhibition “Ridiculous”, Line Gallery, Beijing/China, 2018

Solo exhibition “Hormone”, hiart space, Beijing/China, 2015

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