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Gao Ge
Gao Ge attempts to construct the image of order in her art practice while retaining the artist’s original intense emotions. The lively and leaping color and the unconventional texture are the artist's thinking and expression of everyday sphere, the metaphorical representation is disintegrated and remolded, and what she sees is the non-general characteristics of the object or scene. 

The artist examines the field of vision itself and uses it as a structural basis for her art practice to reconstruct objects, to create a unified structural order of all objects in her paintings, and on top of that to explore the relationships and differences between objects. Each painting is a 'past' that the viewer cannot experience, and Gao Ge wants to convey to the audience the intense emotion of gazing at oneself in the vortex of time and enjoying the unoccupied place of the soul.

Selected Exhibitions / Art Fairs:

"Reflection", Object Momento, Shanghai/China, 2023

Westbund Art & Design, Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2022

Art021, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai/China, 2022

Solo exhibition "Gao Ge Singing High", Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2022

Solo exhibition "Mirror Gao Ge: A Glimpse of the Metaverse", YI TIAO ART online exhibition, 2022

Solo exhibition "Flow and Solidification", issuing Gallery, Shenzhen/China, 2021

Gao Ge & Xie Xuanxuan duo exhibition "Room", Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2021

ART SHENZHEN, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen/China, 2021

Solo exhibition "Aroma of Litchi and Rose", Long Museum, Shanghai/China, 2021

"Everyday Sphere", Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2021

Solo exhibition "Ode to a Nightingale", Mouart Gallery, Beijing/China, 2020

M WOODS online auction for young artists, M WOODS MUSEUM, Beijing/China, 2020

Solo exhibition "Lucid Dream", Art Projects Gallery, Hong Kong/China, 2013

Solo exhibition, HeShe Art Work, Guiyang/China

Solo exhibition, 798, Beijing/China

Solo exhibition "Here and Now", Seed Art Gallery, Zhengzhou/China, 2012

Solo exhibition, Niche Gallery, Tokyo/Japan, 2012

Taipei New Art Fair, Taipei/China, 2012

"Open space Base", Busan/South Korean, 2012

Young Artists Group Exhibition, Seed Art Gallery, Shanghai & Guangzhou Art Fair, Shanghai/Guangzhou/China, 2012

Solo exhibition "Sweet Dew", Lake House, Beijing/China, 2011

"Start from here” International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Central China, Henan Museum, Zhengzhou/China, 2011

"Light and Life" Art Exhibition, China and South Korea, New sun Museum, Beijing/China, 2011

Songzhuang group exhibition, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing/China, 2010

Emerging Artist Exhibition, Himalayas Museum, Shanghai/China, 2010

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