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Between Emotion and Sanity

2022.03.12 - 2022.06.12

Artists: Yang Wan, Li Xia, Manon Steyaert, Hua Shuchen, Sho Kawaguchi

Curator: Cub_ism_ Team

Contemporary art is very much a creative practice guided by the artist's ‘way of seeing'. Artists attempt to connect one aspect of art to the larger world involving the exposure of appearances and the investigation of profound truths, which is a serious, rational process. The creative process, however, can be seen as the personal and intimate expression. ‘The way of seeing’ is, for the artist, a way of understanding and controlling the scale of the world. Connecting art with other spheres through certain practices can be regarded as a window of the artist's self-complete artistic experience, through which the viewer can see parts of emotions and thoughts.


The exhibition invites the audience to get closer to the 'windows' opened by artists, to perceive, reflect and explore the independence and immediacy of art in the rational process of connecting artistic experience with the world - art that makes the untouchable thoughts concrete and tangible. The viewer can intuitively see the alienation, gentleness and calmness, the passionate vitality, the exploration of boundaries and structures of space in works of these artists. As Susanne K.Langer (philosopher and representative figures of symbolism aesthetics) says, ‘Art has a vivid form; it does not reproduce things, but embodies forms of experience, looking for a sense of what life is like.’ Through that 'window' viewers may be able to look again at the personal, social, scientific, moral and ethical human lives and undertakings behind the practical experience of the artist.

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