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2021.11.06 - 2022.02.13

Artist: Gao Ge

Curator: Zhou Qinru

The specific space guided by Gao Ge's creative will, that is, the everyday room, is her insight into the nature of things. Objectively when the artist is observing a three-dimensional object or space, she can only look at it from one angle rather than from all sides at the same time. One's perception of a three-dimensional object or space is partial, only part of the object is given directly at any time.

Subjectively, Gao Ge reconfigured the presentation of the scene through her painting practice: emotional colors become the dominant tone of the 'room', while the orderly structural features of conventional concepts become relaxed. In fact, what the artist sees from a certain perspective is not only that particular side, but she is also intend on those hidden sides. The practical experience of Gao Ge gives characteristics to her painting language. In other words, it is the artist's spiritual world that perfects the part that cannot be observed. Those contemplative, pleasant and free, impassioned and fervent emotions finally extend to the intuitive expression of the picture, completing a series of new artworks such as fields of flowers floating like clouds, amber-like crystalline fruits, folded and interlaced landscape in the courtyard. This new series of artworks is a re-creation of Gao Ge’s vision of a multi-dimensional 'room'. 

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