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Everyday Sphere

2021.03.12 - 2021.05.30

Artists: Gao Ge, Liu Ting, Duo Lanna, Jia Xibei, Yang Wan, Chen Jing, Tong Xiaomo, Lin Yuxi

Curator: Zhou Qinru

What is everyday sphere? Is that merely referring to those mediocre, trivial and even monotonous fragmented spheres? Everyday sphere itself seems paradoxical. 'Mediocrity and miraculousness' is the core logic for the duality dialectics of daily life advocated by Henry Lefebvre, the founder of critical philosophy of everyday life. 'Everyday life is the junction and conflict point between desire and need, seriousness and frivolity, nature and culture, public and private.'

The relationship between art and everyday life seems to be contradictory as well. Since the 20th century, the rise of mass culture has weakened the boundaries of art and everyday life. They were in a state of alienation and closeness. The trend of materialization and consumerism of contemporary art with the trend of artistry and aestheticization of everyday life further melt the boundaries.

'Art was formerly an experience; now all experience is to be turned into art.' —— Daniel Bell,

The coming of Post-Industrial Society

This exhibition builds a cozy space, inviting the audience to enter artists' personal everyday spheres. Eight artists are showing their daily experience in different methods and media. In the current society of value diversification but nothingness, the mark of art in the everyday sphere is the powerful cry to resist the alienation of 'living elsewhere" of mass culture. At the same time, the audience may be able to experience the art practice and smooth the anxiety, desire and repetition after being eroded by mass culture in their everyday sphere.

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