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Gao Ge Singing High

2022.08.02 - 2022.10.16

Artist: Gao Ge

Curator: Zhou Qinru 

Gao Ge gazes at the appearance of disintegration. In her practice, she attempts to construct images of order while retaining the passionate emotions of the original. The artist carefully controls the color and expresses her thinking on “everyday sphere" with breakthrough texture. She uses her personal drawing technique to reconstruct the presentation of everyday concepts, to create a unified structural order of all figures, events and objects in her works. And then, to explore the complex relationship between the content of scenes.


This solo exhibition curates works from 2020 to 2022 and aims to trace through Gao Ge’s reflections, organizing and refining forms of expression in her paintings, gradually evolving from ‘building the edges of objects with lines of light’ to ‘shaping shapes by layering orderly colors’. This is an important clue in the development of Gao Ge’s practice. ‘…This world of the imagination is fancy-free and violently opposed to common sense.’ Gao Ge explores boundaries with reverence, revealing to the spectator the heterogeneity she possesses through her personal drawing language.

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