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Lilyjon, an artist coming from China. In the past ten years, the artist takes painting as a main carrier of his artistic creations, combining secret original texts (include poems, novels, dramas, fables, etc.), involving images, sounds, installations and other media. His paintings are created with an original technique, which is extremely time-consuming. For Lilyjon, paintings have never been just pigments and canvases, but pieces of works becoming a kind of spreading presentation, just like a long ceremony of life. In the artistic world constructed by him, we can see that it seems to be some kind of mysterious interaction of witchcraft between painting and literature, between works and the universe. Innocence and evil, past and afterlife, heart and reality, life and death are intertwined in a synchronic state. They seem to depict the remaining memory of the spirit of all things and a forgotten dream; behind them, there is disappearing light and shadow, poetic fragments, the spiritual light of philosophy, fragments of myth, reconstructed into a grand maze by Lilyjon. All of these, are like a combination of future Elegy and ancient hymns, permeate time and space, sadness and strength.

Through separation of personality, the artist conceives Lilyjon and 离离众 as a pair of "Heteronymy" collaborators, and limits the former's painting creation and the latter's text creation in a non-interference relationship. In the book of songs and stories, the artist takes the writing of离离众as a clue, reconstructing the scenes by means of painting, sound and installation. Lilyjon constructs a non-existent scripture and creation myth based on the complicated story fragments from the Book of Li · Timafatu. As a result, the artist gains more roles and identities: he is not only a painter, but also a poet looking for Whale City, an old attached spirit over 500 years old, and an old priest who shoulders betrayal and enlightenment in the Book of Li. Just like the works, those identities are part of his artistic creation. In this way, Lilyjon tries to integrate the soul escaping into all things in the world, tries to transcend time and space and self so as to retrieve the lost memory of the universe.


Selected Exhibitions / Art Fairs:

West Bund Art & Design, Cub_ism_ Artspace, Shanghai/China, 2022
“Unknow Zone”, Landblink Art Space, Shanghai/China, 2021
“Clean Fire”, Quadrant IV Projects, Wuhan/China, 2019
“Fable of Daytime”, NOART SPACE, Xi'an/China, 2018
“Gods and Vegetation”, Naya Gallery, Shanghai/China, 2018
“Book of Taboo”, Lost Deer Working Group, Wuhan/China, 2018
“Unusual Season”, GU Gallery, Xiamen/China, 2018
“Light and Heavy”, 2-6 Art Space,Beijing/China, 2017
“Shepherd's Purse Seed”, BOOK_PLUS, Beijing/China, 2017
“Diana's Time-machine Double Show”, Shen & Huang's Experimental Project,Shanghai/China, 2016
“Meet & Not See Story- Transfer Station”, Woo's Garden, Wuhan/China, 2016
“YYYY Project”, LAB-BOX, China, 2016
“Alchemy: Words and Goods”, K-House, Wuhan/China, 2015
“Second Reality- Revelry Theater”, Ao'run Contemporary Art Center, Shenzhen/China, 2015
“Dust and Time”, City and Poetry, Rambler Gallery, Guangzhou/China, 2014
“History of Floating Life”, Clouds Gallery, Hangzhou/China, 2013
“Secret Ceremony of Gura Lolo”, Tong Lab, Wuhan/China, 2013
“Truth and Desires”, Geesburg Art Space, Wuhan/China, 2011
“Forest of Salt”, UP Studio, Wuhan/China, 2011

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