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2021.11.06 - 2022.02.13

Artist: Xie Xuanxuan

Curator: Zhou Qinru

The artist uses the reflection of realistic experience to restore the 'paradise' that has been forgotten in the past. Xie Xuanxuan's artworks mostly took the playful memories of childhood as the creative background, mixing Chinese traditional folk games and fantastical fairy tales, slowly showing a witty and romantic long picture with her unique painting language.

Xie Xuanxuan's creation is her way of seeing: to present a realistic imagination space like a dream from the perspective of children, this is the artist's reflection and practice of 'self-displacement'. In this state, the artist herself is able to imagine, recall or anticipate her own situation when she is elsewhere, thus allowing her to live in a coherent thread of the past, the present and the future, and even live in a free imaginative world. In her artworks, familiar images and stories reveal the collision between the real and the illusory in history, and the absent part of memories become warm and emotional again, as if it were within reach. Paradise has always been there, but perhaps it is only the self that is lost. The exhibition constructs the artist's fantasy world in the form of a paradise space, so as to awaken memories of audience's childhood.

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