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2022.03.26 - 2023.05.07

Artist: Gao Ge, Hua Shuchen, Liu Yichao, Tom Wixo

Address: 3B&3D, 349 Jiangxi Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Object Momento is pleased to present Reflection, the first group exhibition which collaborates with Cub_ism_ Artspace‘s artists Gao Ge and Hua Shuchen in 2023. Exhibition will present the works of four artists from different cultural backgrounds - Gao Ge, Hua Shuchen, Liu Yichao and Tom Wixo. The show will be on display from March 26th to May 7th, 2023.


The etymology of the word REFLECTION has a double meaning in this exhibition. The main idea is to offer another point of view on what is experienced in contemporary daily life through the artists’ eyes, proposes a humanistic approach to observe, reflect, and change for the better. We are living in a very special time with its economic instabilities, cultural conflicts, social upheavals, uncertainties… The second meaning is to reflect an image or a meaning. The exhibition examines daily practices, ingrained moments, the passing of, and our perception of time, interior and exterior space - both physical and psychological, and our relation and reflection to it in the structure of different forms and colors of artists.

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