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Southerly Breeze

2024.03.27 - 2024.03.31

Artist: Lilyjon

Cub_ism_ Artspace will be glad to participate in 2024 Art Central in Hong Kong and present the artist Lilyjon's solo project Southerly Breeze, a comprehensive set of works over eight years. From 2016 to 2024, through a series of photographs, texts, drawings, images and the video, Lilyjon approached or departed from "the archetypes of the poem" in a true "wandering" in search of lost memories.

Southerly Breeze Video:

In 2016, Lilyjon picked up a outdated Nokia2690 mobile phone and continued to take "blind photos" as he walked around the city. More than 8,000 low-pixel photographs taken over the period of eight months became clues and evidence to track the artist's behaviour. These photos were selected, re-shot and re-connected by Lilyjon over and over again, and an unpremeditated story is created slowly.

In 2017, Lilyjon completed the creation of the Southerly Breeze Wandering Poem Script. It is a "story, poem, script" text that contains four complete chapters.

Between 2023 and 2024, Lilyjon tampered with the work in video form, creating Southerly Breeze Video, that nearly half an hour long. The artist breaks the linear narrative from the inside and re-tells another bizarre story through images, poems and dialogues scattered throughout the work. The video reveals the inner struggle of the characters and their search for the meaning of life, as well as the artist's profound thoughts on issues such as history and memory, youth and love, ideals and destiny, and death and transcendence.

Southerly Breeze Paintings:

In 2018, Lilyjon started the creation of Southerly Breeze Paintings. The series is based on the Southerly Breeze Video Poems, starting with "Chapter 1 - Lu Xiao Mei", selection of frames. The series of paintings ended in 2019 with the opening of "Chapter 2 - Whale City". The result is a series of 22 paintings.

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