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Open Call Project "Breath": Infinite Exchange

2021.08.13 - 2021.08.22

Artists: Wang Yi, Tian Yi, Zhang Linlu, Li Xiaozhijian, ArTanto Group (Shells & Beans), Bai Yu, CELYN BRICKER, Chen Mengjie, Guo Lizhong, Mi Xirui, ORLANDO DAGA, Shen Qi & Chen Hongzhu, Wang Jiacheng

Curator: Cub_ism_ Team & Public Art Circle

'Awakened by breathing out to connect all beings, breathing in brings nature into the chest. With limitless boundaries for feeling beings' circulation, expansive talks indicate the intersection of illusion and reality.' ​

When people searched for the word 'breathing', Wikipedia gave the definition as 'a biological phenomenon, an external physiological phenomenon presented by the life function of a biological cell'. Breathing is the most basic biological characteristic of human beings. It responds to different human emotions and states through rapid or gentle rhythms. It is the instinct of the body that has the most direct connection between humans and the surrounding environment. Breathing again and again, as a measure of life, confirms the existence of this human being. The individual's understanding of breathing will also produce different "frequency" due to changes in the environment. This exhibition covers the different expressions of breathing by the four artists. The differences and thinking under this same behavior are also people's different definitions and expressions of themselves. 

This exhibition is Open Call Project at Cub_ism_ Artspace, presented by the independent curatorial team Public Art Circle and four independent artists.

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