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Roving Boundary

2021.06.05 - 2021.08.08

Artists: Li Yongbo, Zinan Lam, Li Xiaozhijian, Shen Hua, Studio KAE

Project Manager: Leslie Dong

Co-Curated by Zhou Qinru, Lu Junyu, Wang Haoyang

'Turning back is how the way moves; Weakness is the means the way employs. The myriad creatures in the world are born from Something, and Something from Nothing.' —— 'Tao Te Ching'

This exhibition does not use the formal 'implement' to demarcate the boundary. Not intended to break the boundary: the boundary has been gradually eliminated and integrated in the process from the tangible 'implement' to the invisible 'Tao'. From ink painting to graffiti, from Chinese traditional stone appreciation to installation, they are all called “implement”. The metaphysical is the 'Tao' and the metaphysical is the 'implement'.

What flows is the color, and the color reflects the inner light. There is no need for superfluous words to show a certain will to 'towards the light', and what people can see is the extension of the nature of the mind: the light is the resonance of the 'Tao'.

The various expressions of artists have been merged and evolved into 'Tao', which fully interprets the meaning of 'roving'. The pursuit of the realm of 'towards the light' and the expression of emotion under the influence of oriental culture are the “Tao” that flows in all 'implement'.

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