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Mirror Gao Ge: A Glimpse of the Metaverse

2022.05.28 - 2022.07.31

Artist: Gao Ge

Cooperation Platform: Yitiao art x Cub_ism_ Artspace Online Solo Exhibition

Curator: Zhou Qinru

For Gao Ge, this online solo exhibition is a game in the Metaverse. Gao Ge incarnated herself in a mirror image in the Metaverse and manipulated the control lever to witness the birth of her works in different scenes and times.

Like a mirror image, the process of digitising physical world is a process of virtual mapping. The appearance of a bustling city reflected on a calm lake looks the same from a distance, but for each individual, an absolute result of self-consciousness, self-behaviour and self-social structure can be found in the reflection of the lake.

15 paintings in this online solo exhibition present the wondrous landscape of Gao Ge's vision of a mirror world. Pictures break through the confine of real times and natural laws, attempting to find the intermediate space between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds; the concept of space is visualised by light and shade and lines, with each distinctive pictorial scene together forming Gao's animated Metaverse.

Gao Ge has experimented a lot: structural, conceptual and technical. However, the only thing that remains constant is the pleasure she brings to her works.

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