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Still Life & Life

2021.09.03 - 2021.11.07

Artists: Yang Wan, Liu Zhixing, Ye Linyi, Wang Man

Cooperated with lifestyle brand "place in place"

Curator: Wang Haoyang

Still Life

Still Life is an art history genre, which always depicts some lifeless and stable objects, such as, bright flowers without roots, flush fruits in the bowl, and cold vessels. The essence of fantasy only reminds in painting. Time goes by, people whimpered about the transient beauty. Nevertheless, it is the reflection of hedonism, it also proves that these beautiful things stay in their life and retrieves their memories.


In dictionary, life depicts as 'the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual.'
The themes of  life always discussed along with human beings, floating water, or the nature which are all the liveness. It may be too in general to define it delicately, but, people have their own ways to define and describe “what is life” or to say what is his or her life. In this exhibition, artists captured the ephemeral moment and stored it on their paintings. 


Comparing the meanings of Life and Still Life, they are absolutely opposite. However, they are also in the paradox. When painting is showed a moment of beautiful life, it also can make that moment lasting forever. On the other hand, Still Life indirectly record the trace of people living, such as the chair in your hose and  the fountain you have seen. Although they are not liveness, but they remind the memory of us. From now on, in our gallery space, the artists set up a new  scene about life to bring viewers step into it.

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